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What is Edovo Plus? Our reasoning and commitment to standards

Edovo Plus is a marketplace of curated high quality content that can be made available on Edovo’s platform. It is designed for facilities, community organizations, and anyone who wishes to invest in an incarcerated person’s growth and rehabilitation by purchasing Plus learning courses that would otherwise be unavailable.

Those who wish to browse or purchase enhanced Plus curricula for incarcerated Learners can do so at

Why Edovo Plus?

Edovo’s introduction of paid-for content took much thought, consideration and a strong demand from the market.

Edovo has always and will always maintain that quality programming should be available to everyone incarcerated at no cost to the Learner and with no barriers to access. For that reason, we have focused our decade plus of experience and dedication to building a platform, Edovo Core, with over 25,000 hours of life-changing content. Edovo Core will remain both free to the Learner and our highest priority. It will continue to deliver the majority of our content.

However, some content in the industry comes at prohibitive costs at scale, which led us to question whether it was fair to limit all access to this content simply because it couldn’t financially be delivered to all. For many years, we said “no” to some great programming, despite knowing the value this content could bring to the population we serve. Now, after much conversation and consultation with justice-impacted, those close to the industry, and those that serve within corrections, we have been convinced it is time to adjust. Learners need additional offerings, community groups need a means to provide targeted support to Learners, and correctional educators need easy access to curated nationally renowned and best-in-class digital learning materials. Edovo Plus allows us to meet those needs without compromising the quality of free content delivered through Edovo Core.

Edovo Plus Standards

Since we’ve made the decision to make content available for purchase through Edovo Plus, we plan to best honor our mission by setting standards and criteria for this Plus content. Therefore, all content available for purchase through Edovo Plus will meet the following criteria:

  1. The content provider has made a meaningful content contribution that is available to ALL Learners through Edovo Core. That’s right, each provider is required to offer some content at no cost to all Learners through the Edovo Core platform. This contribution must be a course or resources that can provide standalone value, it cannot simply be a trailer to the purchasable content.

  2. The provider must meet at least one of the below criteria:

    1. Is formerly incarcerated with relevant content targeted to support re-entry

    2. Has evidence and/or research-based content, proven to help Learners advance skills in educational, vocational, or rehabilitative curriculums (Preferred that evidence / research is based on justice-impacted Learners)

    3. Is a nonprofit organization who is mission aligned with Edovo

    4. Is an integrated partner, providing a full-service curriculum in core learning areas - education, vocation, treatment (literacy, GED/HiSET, etc.)

These standards not only ensure our confidence in the offerings made available in Edovo Plus, but provide opportunities to support incredible content partners dedicated to making a difference in the corrections space. It's our hope that by making Plus content available on Edovo, more facilities are able to bring impactful and targeted curriculums to their entire incarcerated population. If you have any questions or want to offer feedback on this new movement, we would love to hear from you.


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