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Visualize & Drive Learner Results 

Through Edovo you can empower and expand programming staff’s ability to reach more incarcerated Learners in your facility. Insight allows Correctional staff the ability to quickly engage with their entire population by reviewing, monitoring, assigning, and assessing incarcerated Learner progress.


Don’t have the resources? Edovo is also designed so you can sit back and watch the progress.

Review & track Learner progress

By enabling Edovo on connected devices at your facility, agency staff are empowered to effortlessly evaluate learning happening across individual Learners, groups of Learners, specific courses, or your entire facility. 

Explore Edovo's expansive content library

Feel confident in what’s available to the incarcerated population by exploring Edovo’s Content Directory. In the Content Directory staff can explore engagement, make assignments and remove content that doesn’t align with their facility needs ensuring they remain in control. Want to see more specifically what we offer? Explore our content catalog today!

Digitize programming

Reach more people and work smarter; expand and empower your programming staff to impact even more of the incarcerated in your facility by digitizing classroom curriculums or creating digital companions to in-person programming. Use digital content to help find and qualify Learners who are better prepared for joining limited in-person classes or digitize your programming to bring previously existing or hosted programming to the entire facility, allowing you to meet more Learner demands and make a difference. Expand beyond your facility and offer your programs to other correctional agencies across the country, contributing to a network of thousands of correctional experts who are dedicated to positively impacting incarcerated peoples lives.

Brian Amos

Retired Lieutenant @ Sacramento County Jail, CA

"There’s a calming effect of education, everyone is engaged. If you can give someone hope and the belief that they can make themselves better or be a better person, then they can go the right direction…[Edovo] is the vehicle to do that on a larger scale."

Bring the classroom online

Have in-person classes that you want to supplement outside the classroom? Want to track the progress of specific Learners in your facility? Utilize Learner Groups to easily support rehabilitation and supplement existing programs at your facility. Edovo enables you the customization to get creative. Facilities across the nation have identified what works best for their population and are the experts on what their Learners need. Using Edovo means that you have an opportunity to bring “what works” into a digital world, allowing you to reach more.

Want to dive more into the features available to you through Insight? Sign-up for one of our upcoming training sessions!

Empower Learner success through transcripts

Transcripts provide you and the Learner an informative overview of all courses that a Learner has completed on Edovo. Use them to better understand how an individual Learner is performing or print them out for engaged Learners to utilize for future opportunities while in or out of custody. 

How do I get Edovo in my facility?

Edovo can work on any connected device in corrections. We would love to work with you on how to implement Edovo using your existing contracts and technology or even prepare your future RFP language for success. Help us get to know you a bit more: 

Do you have connected tablets at your facility?
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