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Expand the capabilities of your correctional volunteers through Edovo

Updated: May 17

The recent pandemic posed incredible challenges for the corrections industry. Shutting down visits, local volunteer groups, and staffing challenges on top of unprecedented illness.

With Edovo, you can creatively and safely bring your volunteers back in a number of ways:

  1. Have them digitize their programing. While reducing in-person programming isn't ideal, digitizing their content allows volunteers to reach their learners when the facility is on lock down, or simply reach the entire facility with their programs despite who is enrolled. With soon-to-be deployed exclusive enrollment, volunteers will even be able to assign their content to only a few learners depending on their enrollment.

  2. Use Learner groups and send targeted messages. By providing your volunteers with Insight access, you allow them to engage with Learners from afar, sending messages, reviewing course progress and assigning coursework. Your volunteers can become remote program staff to support your initiatives.

  3. Track engagement and patterns. In the Analytics section of Insight, you can dive into how Learners at your facility are reviewing and exploring content. By identifying patterns of types of content they are interested in, you can be focused on the types of volunteers you'd like.

  4. Overwhelmed with the number of volunteers that want to help your facility? Point them to Edovo first. By creating and uploading their content to Edovo, you can gauge interest in that volunteers programming prior to bringing the group into your facility.

Living Example - Macomb County, MI:

In conjunction with their school district L’Anse Creuse has used our Find Your Reading Level as a pre assessment tool to help group students and assign course work to support their learning in and out of the classroom. Teachers use the assignment feature as well to supplement in person learning for those students enrolled in education.

Interested in exploring how to implement one of these recommendations? Consider attending one of our training sessions, where we talk through the practical ways of delivering on these approaches.


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