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The #1 Learning App for the Incarcerated

Built exclusively for Corrections, Edovo Learn is a self-driven learning application that provides educational, vocational, and rehabilitative curriculum at no cost to incarcerated people.


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Rehabilitation starts with Edovo

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Edovo is available to all jails and prisons that provide tablets to incarcerated Learners. Each Learner creates their own unique Edovo account, which gives them access to an ever growing library of evidence-based curriculum and content that is tailored to their needs.

Learn at your own pace

Serving hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life means that Edovo must be flexible enough to meet people where they are. No matter a Learner's prior educational background, Edovo has something to offer for everyone.

Diversify learning

More than a traditional learning platform, Edovo offers a holistic approach to educating incarcerated people with a focus on tangible, evidence-based practices that lead to more impactful rehabilitative outcomes for the Learners we serve.

Continue post-release

Through our free post-release platform, formerly incarcerated Learners can transfer their existing Edovo account and continue to access their learning from any connected device.

Learn more about Edovo Go

Rigorous curriculums tailored for Corrections

Edovo has partnered with hundreds of highly specialized content providers to deliver evidence-based programming in adult literacy, GED test preparation, college-level coursework, cognitive behavioral therapy, social-emotional learning, parenting, reentry success, and more. Dive deeper into our curriculum and content practices to learn more about how we create, adapt, and curate content for rehabilitation. 

Meet Learners where they are

Self-paced learning has been proven to significantly improve Learners’ memory performance and knowledge retention. Combined with a highly diverse set of learning and rehabilitative needs for every incarcerated person, Edovo’s self-paced platform tailors itself to each Learner’s unique set of interests and needs, while also being flexible enough for non-native English speakers, new readers, and those with accessibility needs.

Joshua K

Incarcerated Learner @ Onondaga County Jail, NY

"I can now pursue my goals while incarcerated by continuing my education. This resource not only benefits me, but also my community, family, friends, and the economy. Thank you Edovo team for helping me. And rest assured that someone is benefiting from your goal of providing education to the incarcerated demographic. I'm taking advantage and I plan on using my transcript to further my goals."

Outcome driven learning 

More than a digital learning system, Edovo works with Correctional agencies and outside organizations to provide tangible outcomes to incarcerated Learners. From college credit, to earned-time credit, Edovo can qualify Learners for proctored exams, be used as a prerequisite for in-person programs, or simply be used for exploratory self improvement. Edovo is ready to provide educational freedom and real change that transcends carceral walls.

Learn-to-earn gamification

Our first-in-corrections, patented learn-to-earn model awards learners points for their time, effort, and accuracy within courses and other educational materials. Learners can then spend those points on different rewards like entertainment or other facility privileges. While intrinsic motivation is a strong driver for our learners, incentives can sometimes draw those in who may need a nudge.



Over 100 unique film and episodic series that rotate quarterly, featuring modern Hollywood titles to some of the best classics.



With over 50 radio stations to choose from — classical to modern, country to rap, jazz to metal —  Learners are sure to find their genre. 



20+ games challenge Learners to test their skills, race to beat the clock, and earn the highest score to be the best.

Contact us below and let us know you’re interested in

enabling Learn-to-Earn and an account manager will reach out to you!

Learner transcripts & certificates

​Edovo believes in the power of evidence. Providing Learners a clear record of their time and effort spent learning while incarcerated is a critical component to their successful reentry. By completing eligible content on the Edovo platform, Learners will earn completion certificates and a consolidated transcript of their efforts that showcase the specifics of their educational journey.

Former Edovo Learner?

Learn more about how you can gain access to your transcripts, certificates, and continue learning for free through Edovo Go.

Correctional staff

Receiving requests for transcripts? Learn more about how you can easily review and download transcripts for Learners.

Parole, judges, and employers

Are you seeing an influx of Learner transcripts and trying to make sense of it? Contact our knowledgeable staff today to help you understand our transcripts and provide you what you need to make an informed decision. 

Become a Content Provider

Interested in partnering with us to provide incredible opportunities for incarcerated Learners in your community or nationally? Reach out and let’s start the conversation to build better lives!

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