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The Edovo Platform

For over a decade, Edovo has been committed to bringing robust educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programming to incarcerated Learners. Delivered through a seamless set of applications, the Edovo platform works to bring Correctional staff, Community Organizations, Content Partners, Correctional Tablet Providers, and more under one umbrella, to build the most effective digital rehabilitation platform available in Corrections.

Edovo Learn
Empower incarcerated minds

Built exclusively for Corrections, Edovo Learn is a self-driven learning application that provides educational, vocational, and rehabilitative curriculum at no cost to incarcerated people. With thousands of hours of content from hundreds of providers, Edovo Learn provides a comprehensive incarcerated learning experience that caters to a diverse set of educational backgrounds, empowering Learners through self-paced learning tools, helping build pathways to tangible outcomes and demonstrating their educational achievements through a unique Learner transcript. 

Edovo Insight
Unlock the power of learning

Supercharge learning in your facility and reach incarcerated learners like never before! With Insight, correctional staff can effortlessly review, monitor, assign, and assess learner progress. Track individual and group progress, access Learner transcripts, and gain valuable insights into learning happening in your facility. Explore our extensive content library, customize your programming, and bring the classroom to everyone in your facility without any additional work!

Edovo Editor
Digitize your curriculums

Editor is an easy to use curriculum design app for Facility Staff, Community Organizations, and Content Partners to create effective, corrections-ready digital curriculums for their facility or a national incarcerated Learner audience. Empower your programming staff and community content creators with the tools they need to enhance their classes and digitize their curriculum, instantly expanding the reach and impact they have to teach by deploying their digital content directly through Edovo Learn. 

Continued success post-release

Through EdovoGO, formerly incarcerated Learners can continue their progress in Edovo for free post-release. Gain access to your Learner transcript and course certificates, resume any core coursework you were already engaged in while incarcerated, and continue your pathway to success!

Programming built for Corrections

We focus on and operate exclusively in the Corrections space, meaning that 100% of our curriculum and content library is tailored for justice involved Learners. Our programming covers a wide range of topics, from basic literacy, GED preparation, and college courses, to high-demand vocational training, rehabilitative focused substance abuse and mental health curricula, all designed to help build skills to break the cycle of recidivism. 

Expanded offerings for success

Want even more Edovo? Through Edovo Plus, choose from a premium selection of program offerings that allow you to enhance and expand Edovo’s Core programming, maximizing positive outcomes for incarcerated Learners by enabling proven-effective curricula. Browse and purchase affordable curriculums and content for incarcerated Learners through our marketplace today and help us build better lives. 

Help us build better lives.

Corrections impacts everyone, and we believe every one of us can help lead a positive change. Get in touch with us to learn how best to help!

How are you involved with the justice system?
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