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Tools Built with You in Mind

It’s not lost on Edovo that Correctional Staff face significant challenges each day and choose to spend their lives working to make a difference. Our tools are built with you in mind knowing that at times you need a solution that does its job with little to no interference, to a platform that allows you to meet the entirety of your facility with life changing programming. 

Don't take it from us

For over a decade, Edovo has worked with trusted partners throughout the Corrections industry to bring about real rehabilitative change to incarcerated people. We’ve expanded programming opportunities, awarded earned-time credit, enabled post-secondary education, and so much more.


“Edovo tablets are used in multiple facilities across the Michigan Department of Corrections. It has been a great resource for providing programming opportunities for our population in specialized housing units with restricted movement such has protective custody, and step-down segregation units.”

Dave Derks
Assistant Education Manager
Michigan DOC

David Case
Digital Literacy Coordinator
Hampshire County, MA

"You are improving the content and it is truly amazing stuff. You are also improving the ways for guys to see and access it. You clearly have improved how us teachers and admin can see this high quality material you are adding."

Jacob Rule
Program Coordinator
Lassen County, CA

"With the rise in inmate population and the decrease in facility-wide staffing levels, the pace within our program space has plateaued. Edovo has made it possible to extend our reach within the facility to provide relevant education and behavioral health tools to all of our incarcerated individuals without taxing facility resources"

Do more with less

Equip your programming staff with the tools they need to maximize their current classes and curriculum. Create guides, videos, quizzes and more to supplement learning happening in the classroom and digitize your curriculum for those who can’t make it into the classroom everyday. Create assignments, track progress, and see learning happening in your facility through our Administrator portal.

Digitize your programming

Reach more people and work smarter; expand and empower your programming staff to impact even more of the incarcerated in your facility by digitizing your classroom curriculum or creating digital companions to your in-person programming. 

Maximize Learner outcomes

More than a digital learning system, we work together with you and outside organizations to provide tangible outcomes to incarcerated Learners. From College credit, to earned-time credit, qualifying Learners for proctored exams, or even just used as a prerequisite for in-person programs offered at facilities.

Measure program success over time

Easily analyze where a Learner started and where they are now in their rehabilitation journey. From individual Learners, to groups, to your entire facility or agency, review reports on the impact Edovo is having on your population. 

Maximize programming reach

The vision of Edovo is to expand programming to everyone in your facility -- not just those you have the classroom space for. Edovo makes it easy and rewarding to do just that with comprehensive programming spanning from educational, vocational, rehabilitative material and everything in between.

Visualize and drive Learner results

Insight allows Correctional staff the ability to quickly engage with their entire population by reviewing, monitoring, assigning, and assessing incarcerated Learner progress.


Don’t have the resources? Edovo is also designed so you can sit back and watch the progress.

Empower your community groups & volunteers

Say “yes” to your community volunteers and organizations who are ready and willing to help the incarcerated. Empower them with access to create programs alongside your facility staff and let Edovo work with them to do it. Connect in your local prison ministries, reentry centers, substance abuse programs and start reinforcing bridges between your facility and your community.

Supercharge your programming

Want to do more good with Edovo? We specialize in working directly with Correctional facilities to really get the most out of our platform through partnering together on what you’re already doing well. 

Let us digitize your programming

Time constrained on creating a digital version of your class or don’t know where to start? We’re experts at creating digital curriculums for incarcerated Learners. Let us help!

Gain insights through surveys

Need to conduct research with your incarcerated population or just want to understand their needs? Send out surveys and get detailed data reports summarizing the results. 

Get more through EdovoPlus

Choose from a premium selection of proven-effective curricula to bolster onto your existing instance of Edovo Learn.

How do I get Edovo in my facility?

Edovo can work on any connected device in corrections. We would love to work with you on how to implement Edovo using your existing contracts and technology or even prepare your future RFP language for success. Help us get to know you a bit more: 

Do you have connected tablets at your facility?
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