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Easily Create Comprehensive Curriculums

Our Editor platform is a dynamic and easy way for Facility Staff, Community Organizations, and Content Partners to create corrections-ready, digital curriculums. Whether it’s supplementary materials to compliment in-person coursework, self-paced classes for personal growth, evidence-based coursework, or college-level courses, our Editor platform empowers content creators to efficiently create and publish their content to local or a national incarcerated audience.

Digitize your curriculums for a national audience
Education and rehabilitation tools built for corrections

Our web-based application complies with safety and security standards set by correctional facilities across the country. By utilizing our Editor tool, you can confidently create a corrections-ready version of your content in no time! With simple drag and drop features, you can easily upload your curriculum content (video, audio, reading, images, etc.), add and edit lessons, reorganize content, create surveys and assessments, and include interactive engagement questions to ensure learners get the most out of your course.

Empower programming staff

Equip your programming staff or community content creators with the tools they need to maximize their current classes and curriculum. Create guides, videos, quizzes and more to supplement learning happening in the classroom and digitize your curriculum for those who can’t make it into the classroom everyday.

Engage community organizations

With more and more correctional facilities introducing tablets, your ability to reach incarcerated individuals has never been easier. By uploading a digital version of your newsletter, podcast, e-book, documentary, or course to the Edovo platform, you can reach tens of thousands of people overnight. Edovo will take care of the logistics, so you can take care of creating more impactful content.

Become a Content Provider

Interested in partnering with us to provide incredible opportunities for incarcerated Learners in your community or nationally? Reach out and let’s start the conversation to build better lives!

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