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Building Better Lives

We believe that every incarcerated individual deserves access to high-quality educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programming. The Edovo platform provides learners with an opportunity to access programming that can help them build those skills, improve their outlook, and prepare for a successful reentry into society. 

We understand that education is a powerful tool for transformation, and we have seen firsthand the positive impact that our programming can have on incarcerated learners. By providing a variety of programming options and personalized learning pathways, we empower incarcerated individuals to take ownership of their education and build a better future for themselves. 

The problem we face together

For decades, Corrections in America has been fraught with challenges despite the dedicated efforts of countless people throughout the country. 


disadvantaged Americans cycle through jails and prisons each year


is spent by the government on Corrections annually


will recidivate (return back to jail / prison)

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incarcerated people can access educational programming regularly

Overcoming challenges

Through our platform, we can reach more than ever before, grow a national movement of dedicated people helping the incarcerated in their communities, and provide education to all, which is proven to reduce recidivism by 43%. But don't just take it from us! We get thousands of messages and letters every month from incarcerated Learners all throughout the country. See what our Learners have to say.

Learner first platform

Each Learner has their own unique Edovo account that gives them the autonomy to find, chart, and stay on a path of personal progression through learning paths, set curriculums, and a robust learning library tailored specifically for incarcerated Learners. 

Unmatched Corrections-focused programming

Edovo has partnered with hundreds of highly specialized content providers to deliver evidence-based programming in adult literacy, GED test preparation, college-level coursework, cognitive behavioral therapy, social-emotional learning, parenting, reentry success, and more. Dive deeper into our curriculum and content practices to learn more about how we create, adapt, and curate content for rehabilitation.

Hear from those inside

We believe in second chances and celebrate each Learner's unique journey to rehabilitation back into their community. Success is different for everyone;  hear it firsthand from our Learners throughout the country. 

Gary & Melinda


Plus thousands more testimonials

from incarcerated Learners throughout the USA.

Gary S.

Incarcerated Learner @ Madera County, CA

"I’m not going to be that man I once was. I’m going to be content with my life, content with making my family happy. That’s where my focus is…to be there as a husband, a father, a grandfather. Edovo showed me that I do have accountability to my family, to the ones I love, and that’s a big step for me…because I've never been there."

Continue Edovo post-release

Over 600,000 people are released from state and federal prison every year and an untold number of people are released from jail every day. Assisting in the transition home and working to stop the cycle of recidivism is fundamental to our mission. Through EdovoGO, formerly incarcerated Learners can continue their progress in Edovo for free post-release. Learners can gain access to their Learner transcript and course certificates, resume any core coursework they were already engaged in while incarcerated, and continue their pathway to success!

Requesting your Learner transcript

Put your time and effort learning while incarcerated to use on the outside! Transcripts demonstrate Learners completions and success within coursework on Edovo. Use it to show your parole officer, potential employers, reentry programs, or anyone who’s helping you transition back into your community. Gain access to your transcript and certificates and continue your learning journey through EdovoGO today!

Tell us your story

Are you a formerly incarcerated Learner and have a story to tell about how Edovo or education in general helped you transition back to your community? Are you interested in sharing that story with other incarcerated men and women throughout the country? We’d love to hear from you and spread your message of hope, recovery, and success so that others can be inspired just as you were! 

Get access to EdovoGO!

For formerly incarcerated Edovo Learners, complete the below form to get access to your free account.

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