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Help Expand Opportunities

With a national footprint in Corrections, Edovo can instantly expand your organization's reach to hundreds of Correctional facilities and tens of thousands of incarcerated people every day. Whether you’re an individual creator looking to help your surrounding community or a large organization working to effect change nationally, we want to work with you to positively impact those incarcerated throughout the country. 

Partnership made easy

Reaching incarcerated Learners is difficult. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for Content Partners by creating bridges between you, tablet providers, correctional facilities, and incarcerated Learners, allowing you the ability to focus on creating the best curriculums possible for incarcerated Learners. 

Device agnostic

We’ve built a seamless application that works on any connected device inside jail and prison. 

Wide distribution

We work with all major tablet providers to make Edovo instantly accessible to incarcerated throughout the country

Trusted Delivery

Focus on building content and let us handle the rigor of content review, facility approvals, and publishing to Correctional facilities.

Curriculum best practices

As the content provider, you’re the expert! Your message is most effective when it’s designed using your unique expertise, perspective, and style. However, building an engaging and effective curriculum for an incarcerated audience through tablets is not your conventional learning style. We’re experts in correctional education and want to make your materials as effective and helpful as possible. Read up on our best practices and get in touch with us to start collaborating today! 

Demonstrated success

Educational and rehabilitative success doesn’t happen alone. Working alongside other experts in their own domain and partnering with correctional agencies to best engage incarcerated Learners with tangible outcomes is a goal we strive for in every content partnership we establish. Checkout these success stories and learn more about how you can start leveraging Edovo to help us build better lives.


The Phoenix

National sober active community where the only requirement for entry is 48 hours of sobriety. The Phoenix has created curricula specifically for incarcerated Learners featuring robust workouts in confined spaces, as well as thoughtful guided yoga and meditation sessions. 



A fully digital culinary training program with an established pipeline for incarcerated Learners. Those who complete the curriculum are eligible for Edwins in-person intensive training program post-release, which boasts a 95% employment rate. 


Modern States

Bringing 30+ college courses to incarcerated Learners throughout the country, Modern States prepares Learners for college level mastery of a multitude of subjects, with an ultimate goal of placing incarcerated students into proctored tests for real college credit through CLEP exams. 

Custom analytics dashboard

Expanded and tailored analytics made specifically for our outcomes

Content promotions

Gain national attention and dramatically increase engagement with your content


Poll an incarcerated population and discover what’s been missing in your curriculum

Professional services

Use our expertise to tailor your foundational curriculum for an incarcerated audience

Boost your programming

Take your content further and get the most out of a national reach by leveraging our platform. 

Become a Content Provider

Interested in partnering with us to provide incredible opportunities for incarcerated Learners in your community or nationally? Reach out and let’s start the conversation to build better lives!

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