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What content types are available on Edovo? The differences and importance of each

Edovo offers four main content types:

  1. Course: An interactive resource with a focused learning objective and mechanism through which a Learner can demonstrate learning

  2. Resource: Content that a Learner can revisit and review as needed

  3. Assessment: Use to check progress and placement for a future test or a supplement to current classroom learning

  4. Survey: Use a survey to easily gather information from Learners


Courses available on the Edovo platform typically contain lessons with interactive components such as reading, audio or video lessons and always have some type of measurable assessment within them. Courses are the only Edovo Content type that provides certificates of completion and are listed on a Learner's transcript. Courses can also be a part of a series; so at times there will be a number of course listed as a series of content that provides a continuum of learning.


Resources are intended to provide a learner with supplemental learning that they can go back and revisit at their leisure. Resources can include a variety of media types; they can be found as audio files, videos, books, PDFs, etc. Completing a resource does not earn the Learner a certificate and resources completion are not listed on Transcripts. Any content that a facility would like to upload such as a memo, information on an upcoming club or program or even learning that does not have a defined learning objective will be available to the Learner as a resources. Resources can also be found in a series as well.


At times, courses need to have a standalone assessment; or a prerequisite to prove readiness for a specific course. This new content type is best used for pre and post tests, placement tests and a concrete way to measure a Learner's progress.


Surveys are a great tool for a facility to learn about their population. By using the Edovo editor, a facility can create a survey for intake, programs placement or simply gaining critical information about their population.

Interested in creating any of these types of content for your facility? Checkout our Support Portal for more information or get in contact with us to get started!


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