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Rehabilitation through collaboration

Corrections in America is fraught with challenges new and old. Fortunately, there are  inspiring and dedicated people throughout the country committed to improving it for the better. Our approach focuses on being the connecting bridge between those ready to help and those who need it. We remove obstacles to allow correctional staff the ability to expand programming opportunities and use those same tools to  allow community organizations,  volunteers, and national partners to build and distribute programming specific to the needs of the incarcerated population. We bring together advocacy groups, evidence-based program designers, second chance employers, correctional staff, carceral tablet providers and more for one simple purpose: to build better lives for all affected by incarceration.  

It’s a mission that not any one person, organization, or jurisdiction can do alone. By engendering collaboration, we can provide opportunity for the millions who are incarcerated, for the dedicated staff working in carceral spaces, and for those caring communities most affected by incarceration. 


Our approach

Equitable access to Edovo

Ensuring Edovo is accessible on every connected device within all jails & prisons, at no cost to the incarcerated Learner, means everyone has access to learning opportunities.

Broadens educational opportunities

Built exclusively for Corrections, Edovo Learn provides incarcerated Learners core educational, vocational, and rehabilitative materials.

Strengthened by expert partnerships

Collaborating and curating curriculums from top experts across learning and rehabilitative competencies brings robust and proven programming to Learners. 

Expands correctional programming reach

Empower facility staff with the tools to quickly assess Learner progress, create assignments, digitize their programs, and reach more than ever before. 

Building bridges within the community

Creating opportunities for those outside carceral walls to create programming, add valuable community resources, and volunteer digitally to help thousands. 

Leading to Learner outcomes

Turning time incarcerated into high school diplomas, college credit, workforce certification, earned-time credit and more, all alongside a transcript of a Learner's success on Edovo. 

And successful transitions home

Preparing returning citizens for life outside prison walls, equipped with the skills needed to succeed, and always connected to Edovo’s resources through EdovoGo. 

Want to learn more?

Our story starts over a decade ago, but our mission remains unchanged to help all affected by incarceration build better lives. Read more about our story, values, and the people who make it happen every day. 

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