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Programming Built for Corrections

We focus on and operate exclusively in the Corrections space, meaning that 100% of our curriculum and content library is tailored for justice involved Learners. Our programming covers a wide range of topics, from basic literacy, GED preparation, and college courses, to high-demand vocational training, rehabilitative focused substance abuse and mental health curricula, all designed to help build skills to break the cycle of recidivism.

Comprehensive education
for complex challenges


With so many incarcerated people left behind by the traditional education system, we work to break down stigmas of adult education and showcase how important and empowering it can be to build up fundamental skills that some never had the opportunity to learn. While there is much excitement about Second Chance Pell, the majority require remedial or preparatory learning in order to qualify or be academically ready for post-secondary courses. Edovo efficiently bridges that divide.


It is difficult for someone with a record  to secure a job, which is why we build up existing skills, train in new areas, and illustrate how to apply these capabilities to a wide variety of opportunities available in their communities.


Trauma, mental health, and substance use issues have plagued incarcerated people for years. Addressing and educating in these essential areas  is crucial not only for lasting  rehabilitation but also for improving safety in facilities today. We will not have success in other areas if we do not address some of the fundamental challenges facing our Learners.

Evaluated for excellence

Every individual experiencing incarceration has a unique story, skill set, and needs. While one person may be ready for advanced career training, another may need to develop their emotional intelligence. That’s why Edovo focuses on comprehensive and expansive programming, covering academic, vocational, and rehabilitative content. We strive to provide a wide array of options so every individual can find, chart, and stay on their own path towards success. 

But providing options isn’t all we do.

We believe that every individual has the right to access high-quality programming. To deliver on this belief, we have partnered with hundreds of highly specialized content providers who pass our rigorous screening process to deliver high-quality, evidence-based programming in all educational content areas. Read more about our content evaluation process.

​Evaluation Criteria:

  • Key Area of Focus

  • Estimated Time to Complete

  • Reading Level

  • Audience

  • Market Importance

  • Uniqueness

  • Production Quality

  • Curriculum Quality

More than a "checkbox"

Our programming is designed in partnership by experts across the country to provide meaningful learning opportunities to incarcerated individuals. Bringing together the best-of-the-best in Correctional programming, we’ve created a successful network of resources and expertise that sets us apart as the leader in the correctional education market. Spanning hundreds of courses and thousands of learning resources, explore our entire content catalog to see what Edovo has to offer! 

Screened for Corrections

Edovo serves a wide audience of learners, from youth to elderly, to all types of backgrounds, cultures, languages and beliefs. We strive to provide relevant content and curriculum to each person who utilizes our platform, knowing that the diversity of needs is vast. In doing so, we curate content through direct outreach, inbound requests, and through partnership in new content creation. We primarily focus on adding content that is educational, vocational, or rehabilitative at its core, but also include a library of materials that are inspirational, motivational, or just generally interesting to absorb. 


All content added to Edovo Learn undergoes a rigorous vetting process. Each content item is reviewed and assessed across several areas. Click below for more detailed information about our process.

Screening Criteria:

  • Appropriateness

  • Copyright

  • Effectiveness

  • Criteria & Categorization

  • Design

Expert curriculum design

Creating educational content for incarcerated individuals can be a unique and challenging process. That's why we offer professional services in curriculum design and creation to content providers who are experts in their field, but may need assistance transferring that knowledge best to incarcerated Learners. Our team of experienced educators and curriculum developers can work with you to create engaging and effective programming that meets the needs of incarcerated learners and upholds the integrity of your materials.


Grow with Google
Digital Literacy Courses

As a Grow with Google partner, we’ve recreated their digital curriculum on our platform, tailoring it specifically for incarcerated Learners.


Curriculum Design

Through the MasterClass Grants program, incarcerated Learners have access to expert curriculums that Edovo has built for their select courses. 


The Art of Soulmaking
Course Design

Working from an existing in-person / digital hybrid curriculum, we’ve transformed the Art of Soulmaking to be accessible to all Learners. 

Content Partners

We're partnered with the top experts across educational, vocational, and rehabilitative competencies, and are always establishing new relationships every week.


Plus hundreds more local and national organizations and providers!

Expanded library through Edovo Plus

Want even more Edovo? Through Edovo Plus, choose from a premium selection of program offerings that allow you to enhance and expand Edovo’s Core programming, maximizing positive outcomes for incarcerated Learners by enabling proven-effective curricula. Browse and purchase affordable curriculums and content for incarcerated Learners through our marketplace today and help us build better lives. 

Become a Content Provider

Interested in partnering with us to provide incredible opportunities for incarcerated Learners in your community or nationally? Reach out and let’s start the conversation to build better lives!

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