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Evaluating content for corrections — How Edovo evaluates curriculum

Updated: May 17

Once a course has passed our rigorous screening process, it moves on to the next step: evaluation.

Our goal is to provide the relevant information staff need to determine what coursework they could assign to their learner groups, what courses they could consider for merit-based credit, and what courses would benefit their learners most. Evaluation includes checks for:

Key Area of Focus

  • Which of the following categories does the content fall into: Academics, Vocational, Life Skills, Incarcerated Life, Reentry, Health, Recovery, Arts and Culture, Religion and Spirituality

Estimated Time to Complete

  • How long does it take a Learner who is meaningfully engaging with the content to complete the course?

  • Determined by combining video minutes with the estimated reading time and estimated time to complete engagement questions.

Reading Level


  • Was this content built specifically for incarcerated individuals?

  • Was this content created by formerly incarcerated individuals, or include the input of formerly incarcerated individuals?

Market Importance

  • How relevant is the subject matter in the market?


  • Is this similar to other content we have on the platform, or does it bring something new?

Production Quality

  • How professional does the content look?

  • Does the course include high-quality multimedia resources such as dynamic videos, audio, images, attachments, and engagement questions?

Curriculum Quality

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