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Edovo's HiSET and GED prep offerings for incarcerated Learners

At Edovo, we understand the importance of preparing for the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) and the General Educational Development (GED) exams. Both exams are designed to award a high school equivalency diploma, and while there are differences and similarities between the two, we have resources that can help individuals prepare for either high school equivalency exam.

Both the HiSET and GED test individuals on their knowledge of math, science, social studies, and language arts. The main difference between the two is that the HiSET has five subtests, one each for reading and writing, while the GED uses four subtests, combining reading and writing into a single literacy test.

At Edovo, we offer GED-related and HiSET-related study materials, as well as supplementary materials in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Our comprehensive resources are designed to help learners prepare for either exam effectively. We believe that all of these materials will be beneficial in preparing individuals for either of these high school equivalency exams.

We have partnered with organizations such as Mometrix Academy, Daily GED, Khan Academy, and DCS GED® Prep Online to provide study materials that cover subjects tested in both exams. Our platform provides a wide range of materials that are designed to assist learners in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to pass either the GED or HiSet exam, regardless of which exam they are preparing for. Below, you can find a summary of the preparatory materials available on Edovo for both high school equivalency exams broken down by subject matter.

Math Preparation Materials

From Mometric Academy

  • HiSET Strategy Practice Questions Video Series

  • GED & HiSET Practice Questions Video Series

  • TASC Practice Questions Video Series

  • GED Math Study Guide & Practice Questions Video Series

  • Algebra Test Prep Video Series

  • Arithmetic Test Prep Video Series

  • Geometry Test Prep Video Series

  • Percentages Test Prep Video Series

DCS GED Prep Online

  • Pre-Test: Math

  • Math - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Course

  • Math - Decimals and Fractions Course

  • Math - Exponents and Number Properties Course

  • Math - Word Problems Course

  • Math - Geometry I Course

  • Math - Geometry II Course

  • Math - Algebra I Course

  • Math - Algebra II Course

  • Math - Algebra III Course

  • Pre-Test: Math

Daily GED

  • Daily GED Practice - Mathematics Video Series

  • Daily GED Practice - Algebra Video Series

  • Daily GED Prep - Video Series

Saylor Academy

  • Beginning Algebra

  • Real World Math 101

  • Math Foundations I

Khan Academy

  • College Math Practice

  • Over 1,000 videos covering topics such as Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Astronomy, Earth and Space Science

Science Preparation Materials

DCS GED Prep Online

  • Pre-Test: Science

  • Physical Science Course

  • Earth and Space Science Course

  • Life Science Course

  • Post-Test: Science

Khan Academy

  • Over 300 videos covering topics such as Arithmetic, Factors, Exponents, GED Test Prep, Geometry,

Statistics, Probability, and more

Social Studies Preparation Materials

DCS GED Prep Online

  • Pre-Test: Social Studies

  • U.S. History Course

  • Geography Course

  • Civics and Government Course

  • Social Studies Resource

  • Post-Test Social Studies

Khan Academy

  • Over 600 videos covering topics such as Economics, Civics and Government, World History, Humanities, Ancient History, and more.

Language Arts Preparation Materials

DCS GED Prep Online

  • Pre-Test: RLA

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension I Course

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension II Course

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension III Course

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension IV Course

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension V Course

  • RLA - Reading Comprehension VI Course

  • Post-Test: RLA

Daily GED

  • Daily GED Practice - English Video Series


  • 30+ HiLo Readers to help learners practice reading and improve their literacy skills.

Edovo in Collaboration with Various Experts

  • 50+ Reading comprehension practice resources leveled from beginner to advanced reading levels that include comprehension questions to help learners improve their general reading skills.


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