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The results are in and the impact is real

At Edovo, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. We provide educational, vocational, and rehabilitative programming to incarcerated individuals across the United States. But the impact of our programs goes beyond the classroom walls.

This is evident in the overwhelming response to our recent learner survey, with over 27,000 individuals participating. Here's what the data reveals.

A Resounding Vote of Confidence

A staggering 91% of learners reported that Edovo had a positive impact on their incarceration experience. This is a powerful testament to the transformative power of education and Edovo's commitment to providing high-quality resources.

As one learner shared, "Edovo has given me the tools I need to not only make a positive impact upon myself when I'm released, but my family as well. Edovo helps me to motivate myself and others, to help me personally build myself up positively as a stronger, wiser, more determined man."

Providing a Constructive Outlet

Edovo fosters a culture of daily engagement. An impressive 87% of learners access the platform weekly, demonstrating their dedication to self-improvement. 

One learner expressed, "There are lots of people in jail who are good people and are more than willing to change, they just need the right tools. Most people only do what they know because they weren't taught, so they need tools – and Edovo is one of them.”

This focus on learning and growth not only empowers individuals but also reduces the potential for making negative choices during their incarceration. Consider the following quote:

“"By being on Edovo, I stay out of trouble and get into less arguments. I can stay focused on Edovo and stay out of negative suggestions with other inmates."

By providing a stimulating and constructive outlet for their time, Edovo helps incarcerated individuals build a positive path forward.

Celebrating Progress Together

Edovo doesn't just educate individuals; it strengthens their connections with loved ones. Over 89% of learners share what they're learning with their families, fostering a sense of support and a bridge between incarceration and the outside world.

DID YOU KNOW you can directly access your loved one’s Edovo transcript on our website? Edovo transcripts provide valuable insights into their learning journey, including:

  • Courses Completed: See how many educational programs your loved one has successfully finished.

  • Content Engaged: Track the specific materials they're currently working on.

  • Time Spent Learning: Understand their dedication by seeing the hours invested in their education.

These transcripts are a fantastic way to celebrate their achievements and encourage them to keep learning.

Learn how to access your loved one’s Edovo transcript here.

Preparing for a Brighter Tomorrow

Edovo's impact extends beyond the present. A significant 78% of learners feel more equipped for success after release. By providing education and fostering a sense of accomplishment, Edovo empowers individuals to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

One learner shared, "Because of the things that I learn on Edovo, I am not the same person now that I was. I have experienced personal growth and evolution."

DID YOU KNOW learners are able to continue their education on Edovo after release? Learners can seamlessly transition to Edovo Go – it’s free and accessible from any browser. Learn how to request your Edovo Go account here.

Join Us in Making a Difference

These survey results showcase the profound impact Edovo has on incarcerated individuals. However, our commitment doesn’t stop here. We also received valuable feedback from learners that will be instrumental in continuously improving the platform for an even more engaging and impactful experience for all learners.

Learn more about Edovo's programs and how you can get involved in supporting our mission. Together, we can empower incarcerated individuals and build a stronger future for all.


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