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Helping everyone
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Build Better Lives.


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We are a non-profit organization providing educational, vocational, and rehabilitative curriculums and content to incarcerated people. At Edovo, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, so fundamental learning should always be available at no cost to the incarcerated Learners we serve. We strive to create rehabilitative-focused correctional environments that lower recidivism, increase safety inside and outside correctional walls, and drive positive outcomes for incarcerated people and their families.

Mission focused on positively impacting corrections

America spends over $80 billion on corrections, but what is the return on that investment - over 50% are reincarcerated after release.  Correctional institutions face the difficult realities of  understaffing and overcrowding leading to increased security risks, and often have limited bandwidth to focus on  sustainable programming, education and successful reentry. Edovo aims to ease this local and national pressure by using technology to bridge the gaps and make a lasting difference. We improve the lives of those connected to incarceration through free daily access to meaningful correctional programming.

Building bridges for better lives

On average only about 1 out of 5 incarcerated people can access educational programming, and in-person program capacity cannot accommodate the demand for education, despite the tireless efforts of dedicated programming staff. Edovo is changing this. Over the last decade, we have built a unified educational platform that will soon be available to all incarcerated Learners with access to a tablet, at no cost to the Learner. We instantly connect incarcerated learners to local and national organizations and resources, helping expand evidence-based programming opportunities while utilizing technology to enhance the existing programming happening today.

Education built for rehabilitation

Edovo offers the most robust and expansive educational, vocational, and rehabilitative-based programming in all of Corrections. We’re committed to delivering resources that make a difference for incarcerated learners and prove their success to correctional agencies, parole boards, and future employers. With hundreds of rigorously built courses and an ever expanding  library spanning thousands of learning and rehabilitative material, Edovo is the correctional educational platform for real change.


Applications to serve everyone

While Edovo can serve the broader incarcerated population without any additional work, our tools enable those who have the time and ability to take the next step and expand opportunities for incarcerated Learners. We’ve built tools for program administrators, content creators, teachers, data analysts, and more with one goal in mind: helping everyone connected to incarceration build better lives.

The learning & rehabilitative app for incarcerated Learners

Correctional administrative app for reviewing and assessing Learner success

Curriculum design app for staff and content creators, deployed directly to Learn

Help us build better lives.

Corrections impacts everyone, and we believe every one of us can help lead a positive change. Get in touch with us to learn how best to help!

How are you involved with the justice system?
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