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The Pelshaw Group's Reentry Success Series relies on more than just helping formerly incarcerated individuals find jobs; It uniquely guides them through a transformative process of self-reflection to change their attitudes and beliefs, take ownership of their past actions, and develop habits that will lead to lifelong success. The Reentry Success Series is comprised of 20 unique micro-courses that cover the following topics:


INTERNAL: The Foundation for a Successful Life

  1. Getting Past your Past
  2. Everyone has an Addiction
  3. The Spark is not the Flame (The secret to motivation)
  4. Leadership for Returning Citizens
  5. How to Achieve our Goals
  6. Maximize your Life
  7. Your attitude will Determine your Altitude


EXTERNAL: Dealing with Others & Getting a Job

  1. Communication: What's the Point? 
  2. Communication for Success
  3. Elevate your Future with Elevator Pitches
  4. Seven Strategies for Getting a Job with a Criminal History
  5. Job Search Strategies
  6. Great Interviews and Jobs for the Formerly Incarcerated


Practical: Thriving Independently in the Free World

  1. Before you are Released
  2. Getting, Building, and Fixing Credit
  3. Personal Finance for Returning Citizens
  4. Affordable Tech Strategies
  5. Housing Strategies after Release
  6. Work Habits for Success
  7. Reentry Success Summary


For more information on each course within each of the three series, click here to read more!

Reentry Success

PriceFrom $30.00
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  • Reentry Success includes 20 in-depth courses in English or Spanish. Click here for a detailed look at the curriculum. 

  • Bob Pelshaw is a nationally recognized business coach, entrepreneur, author, formerly incarcerated citizen, and champion of those who are rebuilding their lives. His practical material resonates with the incarcerated in profound ways. His book and workbook Illegal to Legal: Business Success for the Formerly Incarcerated  have been used and loved by thousands, as has his advice column Ask Bob. His newest series Reentry Success provides learners with tools to be so successful in life that they break the cycle of mass incarceration.

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