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Rebound Allstars: Your Path to Skilled Freelancing Mastery


Scoring a Major Win for Returning Citizens In The New 2023 Workforce Culture. Let Rebound Allstars Transform Your Passions into Gig Economy Profits.


Description of the Course:

With Rebound Allstars, we provide an inclusive platform for incarcerated learners and returning citizens, tailored to seamlessly guide them into the skilled freelancing sphere. Whether you're seeking entry-level digital skill acquisition or a seasoned professional aiming to leverage platforms like Upwork, our curriculum empowers you to harness the gig economy's potential.


Why Purchase for an Incarcerated Learner?


  • Relevance: The course bridges the gap between incarceration and societal reintegration by offering skills that are high in demand.
  • Empowerment: Skilled freelancing provides agency, granting learners the chance to work autonomously and on terms that suit them.
  • Economic Opportunity: Given the rising prominence of remote work, this course can be the catalyst for sustainable and lucrative employment.


Evidence-Based Data on the Gig Economy:


  • Freelancers contributed a staggering $1.35 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2022, marking an increase of $50 billion from the previous year.
  • ​Freelancing reached an all-time high with 60 million Americans participating, accounting for 39% of the U.S. workforce.
  • ​The perception of freelancing as a legitimate career is on the rise, with 73% of freelancers noting increased positivity towards their profession.
  • ​Younger generations are embracing freelancing: 43% of Gen Z and 46% of Millennials undertook freelance work in 2022.
  • ​Over half of all freelancers (51%) are offering "knowledge services" which includes roles in computer programming, marketing, IT, and business consulting, branding them as Skilled Freelancers. This is what we teach.
  • ​The concept of diversified work is becoming more common, with 17% of U.S. workers combining traditional employment with freelance work.
  • ​Highly educated freelancers are on the rise, with 26% holding postgraduate degrees, up 6% from 2021.


Even More Opportunity Post Release!

  • Rebound Allstars on the Outside Includes Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Rebound Allstars

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Rebound Allstars features an in-depth curriculum that equips Learners with essential digital skills, empowering them to become skilled freelancers, earn a sustainable income, and excel in the remote work market by earning consistent 5-star ratings.

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