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How to get Edovo for your facility

Updated: May 17

The Edovo application can be made available on any connected device within your facility. Our application simply requires a secure network connection, a caching solution to ensure our content is delivered with ease, and a facility roster for account credibility. The below steps walk you through the process of getting Edovo at your facility.

  1. Connect with your technology vendor and inquire about getting Edovo onto your existing devices. Most commonly, Edovo is deployed on tablets, however Edovo can also be deployed in computer labs, Chrome books or other laptops.

  2. Implement a caching solution. Due to the expansive library of Edovo’s content; the deployment of the Edovo platform requires a solution to seamlessly deliver content to your Learners. This caching solution, most often deployed through an onsite Server (often called a CDN, or Content Delivery Node server) installed at your facility, is what ensures coursework can be delivered without buffering, and ensures our application is delivered properly.

  3. Configurations will occur by both your technology provider and Edovo. Edovo will be creating a standalone “instance” of our application for your facility allowing us to configure content, rosters and any other custom configurations to your facility. Once that is active and configured, your technology partner will be ready to “turn on” the Edovo app.

    1. ID Feed Roster: This will be configured to an active inmate roster from your facility. This roster tells us who is currently incarcerated and released ensuring that your in-custody learners accurately reflect your population accurately.

    2. Custom Content: Many facilities upload their own or create the own content to be available to their incarcerated population. Your custom site allows us to showcase that content just to your learners.

    3. Required Configurations: We configure your site to the existing secure network from your technology provider to ensure that the right Learners are in the right place, everything is secure, and the CDN is caching content correctly.

  4. Prepare for Change. We know that change can be overwhelming and never ending at your facilities. We will soon be publishing a script for you to share with your Facility staff to tell them what is coming as well as a one pager for Learners to post in the dorms.

  5. Train. Edovo provides monthly trainings for new and existing staff, as well as anyone that simply needs a refresher. Our account management team, who hosts the trainings are also available to simply ask any questions you may have, so be sure to sign up here.

  6. Implement. Once all of the above steps have been completed, your technology partner will be able to simply flip a switch and turn on Edovo. At this point, Learners will be able to see the Edovo app on their available tablets and start by creating their accounts. A few things to remember:

    1. Learner accounts can only be created for those that are currently in the inmate ID roster

Standard Custom Configurations available:

  • Our default nomenclature for your Learner’s IDs is “Facility ID”. We can change this nomenclature to anything more relevant to your facility. Simply send us a note at and request the change.

  • Facility Name Change: If you are unhappy with what your facility is called in the Edovo application; simply let us know what your facility should be called by emailing us at This change will be noticed by all Learners.


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