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College credit for the incarcerated: How learners can earn eligibility for free CLEP testing

Earning College Credits Once Released

Have a Learner in custody who has completed a Modern States course and completed the practice questions with a passing score? Congratulations!

Modern States has partnered with College Board to provide free access to the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam. The CLEP exams, administered by the College Board, are accepted for credit by more than 2,900 colleges and universities. More than 2,000 traditional colleges and universities already offer credit to students who pass AP and CLEP tests. Students can take one course or many courses from Modern States, and then – by passing the CLEP exams – can begin with up to a full year’s worth of credit after they enroll in traditional college, making Modern States an “on-ramp” to college. The Edovo application is not eligible to provide proctored exams given its most common deployment being on a tablet device. However, there are a few options a learner can explore:

  1. If a facility provides proctoring, the facility can work with College Board to implement one of their testing centers

  2. Upon release, the Learner can go to an eligible testing center and take the CLEP exam for free college credit

How it works:

If a Learner has taken the Modern States coursework on Edovo and has completed the work with a passing score, they may feel ready to take a formal exam. By going to the Modern States website, the Learner should sign up for a Modern States account by clicking here. Once signed up, request a voucher, letting Modern State know:

“I have completed the Modern States coursework on Edovo and successfully passed the following course(s): [insert title of course(s)].

My name is [Insert Name], and I completed this coursework in [Insert Facility Name] under the ID [type in Edovo Facility ID].”

Modern States will then be able to validate the Learner’s completion with Edovo and provide the Learner with a voucher for a free CLEP exam in their area. Should that Learner pass the CLEP exam, they will receive a free college credit through College Board that will be accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities.

Congratulations on earning college credits!


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