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Edovo collaborates with LinkedIn to empower incarcerated individuals with tech & professional employment skills

Updated: Jun 3

Edovo, a leading provider of educational, vocational, and rehabilitative training for incarcerated individuals, announces an exciting collaboration with LinkedIn to deliver free LinkedIn Learning courses to the over 350,000 incarcerated individuals that Edovo serves daily. This collaboration underscores Edovo's commitment to empowering justice-involved individuals with essential skills for successful life both during and after incarceration.

At Edovo, our mission is clear: to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives. Through our innovative platform, we offer a range of educational opportunities, from GED preparation to vocational training, aimed at providing equitable access to all incarcerated individuals; equipping them with the tools they need to build meaningful lives post-release.

The collaboration with LinkedIn marks an exciting milestone in our mission. By continuing our commitment to provide access to high-quality content, we are empowering our users with in-demand skills that are vital in today's job market. Technology and professional employment skills not only open doors to meaningful career opportunities but also foster critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, skills necessary for a successful life.

Curriculum cards from the Edovo Learn platform showcasing 10 example courses from LinkedIn Learning that will be published for incarcerated Learners.

Together, this collaboration led to the launch of 53 LinkedIn Learning courses on the Edovo platform. These courses provide learning in professional soft skills, digital and tech literacy, business basics, communications, construction, and tech-focused curriculums like computer science, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We're proud to bring forward these invaluable courses to the over 400 correctional facilities we serve Nationwide. In collaboration with the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), LinkedIn created the LinkedIn Learning course, “Job Seeking with a Criminal Record”.  This course along with my many others will be invaluable for those incarcerated individuals seeking valuable employment post release, further contributing to their successful reentry back to their communities.

"Edovo is on a mission to break down barriers to education and opportunity for justice-involved individuals," says Brian Hill, CEO of Edovo. "Our collaboration with LinkedIn Learning is a testament to our commitment to providing our users with the tools they need to thrive post-release. By offering programming courses, we are empowering individuals to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities."

Through this collaboration, we are not only providing education but also paving the way for meaningful societal change. By investing in the potential of justice-involved individuals, we are creating pathways to success and fostering a more inclusive society.


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